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Children's books by lucy davis

Moose & friends


Lucy's first children's book about Moose and other Montana animals in this fun coloring book!

Moose Goes to Yellowstone


 Moose invites his friends for an adventure through Yellowstone National Park, in an old green truck filled with camping gear & SAUSAGES! They see Old Faithful Geyser & snooze under big skies! 

Moose's sketchbook


 A 100 page blank sketchbook for children to create their own stories and artwork alongside Moose, the chocolate Labrador. Moose is the star of "MOOSE GOES TO YELLOWSTONE" (Lulu) and "MOOSE & FRIENDS" (Authorhouse). 

My Efficient Calendar & Organizer


 The 60 week calendar will organize your day from sunrise to sunset.The calendar pages include an area to keep track of diet and exercise. The Organizer will help you keep track of party planning, addresses, school activities, vacations & so much more. This planner does not have the months or year on it, so you can become the organized person you want to be whenever you are ready. Just start on any week you choose. All in one EFFICIENT book! 

Emma's Pet Piranha & other amazing adventures!

Emma's amazing adventures with a monster in her closet; driving her mom's car; growing a diamond tre

Author, Jill Simon invites you into Emma's amazing adventures with a monster in her closet; driving her mom's car; growing a diamond tree and buying a pet Piranha! Rhyming stories which will become a family favorite. 

Lucy Davis, Illustrator, Designer.

Having hydrocephalus


 An introduction, and first book for your child.  A simple story to help explain complex medical language to a child about having hydrocephalus and a shunt.  For further information and support needs, this book also includes important contact information for your family. 

Authors: Ellen Kaczor, Brian Kaczor.

Illustrator: Lucy Davis